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TLC VIETNAM INVESTMENT AND TRADING CO., LTD is specialized in importing and distributing all kinds of stainless steel materials. At present, our main products are stainless steel pipe, stainless steel thread, stainless steel thread, stainless steel spike, stainless steel spike, stainless steel spike, stainless steel spike, stainless steel spike. , stainless steel screws and many other supplies. In this article, BOLT TLC VIETNAM introduces to customers our M30 x 1000mm stainless steel thread. Uses, the composition of stainless steel threaded M30 x 1000mm, the origin, the origin of stainless steel threaded M30 x1000mm and many other information about the product stainless steel thread M30 x 1000mm.

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Stainless steel thread M30 x 1000mm, also known as stainless steel thread, is now used in many jobs in many fields. With the variety and variety of uses, M30 stainless steel thread is a key product that our company is distributing to the market. Here are some uses of M30 x 1000mm stainless steel thread:

Stainless steel M30 x 1000mm is used to hang plumbing pipes in high rise buildings, convention centers or any water pipe system in many factories, workshops or factories. One end of the stainless steel lace will be fixed to the ceiling, or concrete beams. The other end will be connected to the water pipe system through the stainless steel suspension.

Stainless steel thread M30 x 1000mm is used to hang the fire pipe system in many large buildings, such as tall buildings, commercial centers, in the factory …

In hanging the cable tray system in the buildings, commercial centers, in the factory, the hospital also uses stainless steel lace to fix the cable tray system before running power lines.

Ceiling ceiling systems for plaster ceiling systems for buildings, offices or high-end apartments are required to use stainless steel lace because of its long life and good bearing capacity.

Stainless steel lace is used as a hanging decorative items such as lighting system, marine table system on concrete ceiling. Of course with the blocks

Not only hang decorative objects on concrete ceiling, concrete beams, but stainless steel lace can also hang ornaments on wooden ceilings.

Stainless steel lace can also be cut to desired size as guzong for metal fence assembly.

Stainless steel thread is used for machining, or merely cutting out for chemical threading, for insertion of missing steel, broken steel or anchor bolts, which require the use of threaded rods. stainless steel.

Stainless steel thread – Stainless steel threaded rods are used to brace the frame structure, such as metal frames or wooden frames, to ensure the frame structure.

And stainless steel lace – stainless steel rod is also used in many other jobs in the design and construction of buildings.


Stainless steel thread is extremely simple structure, and is produced in accordance with certain standards, which is the standard for the Vietnamese market and the world. Currently stainless steel lace is mainly produced according to DIN 975 standard of Germany.

The structure of the stainless steel lace is just a cylindrical metal rod is made of stainless steel stainless steel, with different grades of steel. On the cylindrical body with threaded body, usually lathe standard metric thread, the most commonly used lace standards today.

Diameter of stainless steel lace has many options from M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M18, M20, M16, M20, M20 … depending on the needs of customers. However, standard products only have a fixed length of 1000mm. Products with a length of less than 1000mm can use stainless steel thread to cut out, but for non-standard products with a length of more than 1000mm, we have two options: The drawings (this option is high cost), also the option is to use stainless steel threaded or stainless steel threaded fittings which we will say in the bottom line.


Currently stainless steel threaded rods, stainless steel thread are produced based on standard specifications applied throughout the world. For stainless steel threaded rod production in accordance with DIN 975 standard of Germany, this is the standard production and use stainless steel thread, the most popular stainless steel thread in Vietnam as well as the world. world today. Below is the technical data of stainless steel thread, stainless steel thread:

Through the table specifications Din 975 we can see the specific specifications of stainless steel m6x1000mm as follows:

Body diameter d: 30mm
Length L: 1000mm
Threaded thread P: 3.5mm
The origin

At present, TLC VIETNAM INVESTMENT AND TRADING CO., LTD is importing from advanced countries in the world such as China, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea. At present, only iron lace is produced.


Depending on the type of material produced, stainless steel lace can be classified into several categories as follows:

Stainless steel thread 201 is a product produced from the stainless 316.