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TLC Vietnam Trading and Investment Co., Ltd specializes in importing, distributing, manufacturing, processing and supplying metal products from stainless steel materials. Currently we are supplying stainless steel bolt, stainless steel screw, stainless steel thread, stainless steel thread, stainless steel thread, stainless steel thread, stainless steel bucket, stainless steel bucket, stainless steel chain, anchor bolt … Main products Our screws are still stainless steel screws 201, 304, 316.

OUR COMPANY is about to introduce stainless steel threaded lugs, standard Din 933. This is the type of bolt with the top is the outer hexagon, the bolt body is threaded the whole body. All series stainless steel threaded bolts are manufactured according to DIN 933 standard of Germany.

Bulong stainless steel throughout

The hexagonal steel bolt in the Din 933 louvre is used as the most common bolt in the world today. Going anywhere, we can all meet stainless steel bolts throughout Din 933. From simple jigs such as on a bicycle, to construction works, or mechanical assembling, or can be used. Use in high precision industry. No where is the application of stainless steel bolts throughout the Din 933.


The structure of the hexagonal stainless steel bolt in the Din 933 louver is composed of two parts:

The bolt head, which is used to tighten the bolts, can be with a wrench or a bolt gun. Bolt head is also a place to record the information, parameters of the stainless steel bolt, can write material, manufacturer name, or for high-strength bolts, the bolt head is also where To record the durable level of the bolt.
The bolt body is a round cylinder, for the threaded bolts throughout Din 933, the entire bolt body is threaded. In Vietnam, the most common use is the metric thread, so it is common to see the bolt body being welded to metric standards, except in some special cases.

All DIN 933 dies are manufactured to DIN 933 standard in Germany, all sizes are manufactured according to the DIN 933 standard. The following are the specifications of the stainless steel threaded bolts. Din 933:

Table of stainless steel bolts threaded throughout Din 933


Based on the material produced, the stainless steel bolt can be classified into several types as follows:

Stainless steel bolt 201 is a bolt made from stainless steel material 201
304 stainless steel bolt is made from 304 stainless steel
316 stainless steel bolt is made of 316 stainless steel
Stainless steel 316L bolt is made from 316L stainless steel
Material production

As mentioned above, stainless steel stainless steel materials commonly used to produce bolts usually have some types as below:

Inox 201 is the stainless steel stainless steel has the lowest chemical resistance in all stainless steel. However, this material has advantages such as good load capacity, shiny surface for aesthetics of the product. Along with the cheapest price in stainless steel bolts, stainless steel products are often used in dry, non-abrasive areas.
Inox 304 stainless steel is the most commonly used stainless steel, with advantages such as good corrosion resistance, good bearing capacity, high aesthetic products and higher price than products. manufactured from stainless steel 201. Stainless steel bolts 304 are commonly used in places where chemical etching is a constant concern.
Inox 316 is a superior chemical abrasion resistant material. The 316 stainless steel product is capable of working in direct contact with corrosive chemicals in direct contact with seawater. Not only that, 316 stainless steel bolt for testing also has the same durability rating 8.8. Of course, the price of products made from stainless steel 316 will cost more than products made from stainless steel materials 201 and 304.
Stainless steel 316L is also more resistant to chemical corrosion than stainless steel 316, which is better plastic than stainless steel 316. Therefore, the cost of products made from stainless steel 316L is higher than that of stainless steel 316.
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