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BOLT  STAINLESS STEEL TLC VIETNAM would like to introduce to you our products 3mm stainless steel wing bolt

Structure: 3 conventional stainless steel wing bolts, consisting of 1 nut, can also be 2 nuts, flat black and bolt body. In the name of the bolt hatch 3 stainless steel wing is due to the body of the bolt has a piece of flexible expansion, in the form of 3 petals so named.

Uses: 3-bladed stainless steel wing bolts also serve as other hatch bolts, often used to fix a structure with concrete walls as well as civil works. At present, 3 bolts of stainless steel wing are widely applied in building construction.

Bolts with 3 stainless steel wings

Materials for fabrication bolts 3 stainless steel wing is usually stainless steel stainless steel:

If the link requires high aesthetics, anti-corrosion is usually used stainless steel stainless steel to produce bolts blossoming 3 stainless steel wings, ordinary stainless steel are three common types:

Inox 201 is recommended for high strength, non-corrosion-resistant, non-corrosion resistant materials.
Inox 304 is a popular material for making stainless steel 3 bolts, as well as other stainless steel bolts, stainless steel 304 with good bearing capacity, as well as high corrosion resistance.
Stainless steel 316 is a special material, which costs more, used in highly corrosive environments such as sea water, chemicals.
Stainless steel 3-bladed stainless steel bolts are normally manufactured in accordance with Vietnamese or international standards, depending on the requirements of the work, which can be used with high or low grade bolts. The durability of 3 mm stainless steel wing bolts will depend on 2 factors which are material and bolt size. Below is the standard table of 3-bladed stainless steel bolts that Viet Nam mechanical manufacture and supply to the market:

The above standard table shows that the 3-bladed stainless steel hinged bolt has a great variety of sizes and types, so you can choose the 3-bladed stainless steel hinge bolt to suit your job requirements. most costly. Please contact Viet Han mechanics for advice, with many years of experience we believe that will advise customers the best choice.

The method of assembling bolts blossoming 3 stainless steel wings:

Step 1: Drill holes in the structure and drill holes in the concrete wall, so that the spacing of the holes are consistent, the depth and diameter of holes in the concrete wall is also consistent with the size of the three-winged blades. , then clean the hole.

Step 2: Close the bolt 3 blades of stainless steel into the hole on the concrete wall.

Step 3: Attach the structure to the concrete wall and tighten the nut.

Step 4: Check the joints carefully to meet the aesthetic requirements as well as the bearing capacity.

Sales policy of BOLT TLC VIETNAM aims to bring the best service to customers as follows:

1. VIETNAM TLC BOLT will deliver the goods to the right customers.

2. The standard delivery time for an order is 2 hours from the time of order, if customers in the inner city of 10-50 km, our standard delivery time is 1 hour from order.

3. BOLT TLC VIETNAM DELIVERED TO CUSTOMERS, but customers are not present: usually we will contact the customer before shipment, however, if the customer is away, we will Contact again:

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